Available Facilities :

Suraj Automobiles has installed quality machine tools to produce high quality design and services to reach the customer satisfaction. The Various types of facilities are:

Press Shop:

List of Plant and Machineries used by the Press Shop Unit for its Body Building Activity and Repairing:

  • Shearing Machine
  • Brake Press
  • Power Press

Shop Floor:

List of Plant and Machineries used by the Shop Floor Unit for its Body Building Activity and Repairing        :

  • Mig Machine                                                                   Bench Grinder
  • Arc Welding Set                                                             Buffing Machine
  • Short Blastic Facilities                                                    Drill Machine
  • Compressor                                                                   Gas Welding Torch
  • Gas Cutting Set                                                              Pop Riveting Gun
  • Circular Bend Saw                                                         C.P. Make Aero Rivetor Model
  • Profile Cutting Set                                                          Hand Operated Sheet Folding Machine
  • Pug Cutting Set                                                              Ball Press
  • Crane                                                                             Weighing Machine
  • Roll Forming Machine                                                     Hand Shearing        
  • Stretch Pannel Fixing Maching                                        Jig Saw Machine
  • Angle Grinder                                                                 Orbital Sander
  • Spray Gun                                                                      Battery Charger
  • Powder Coating Plant                                                     Shower Testing
  • Phosphating Plant                                                          Sander Machine
  • Cut-Off Machine                                                             Pneumatic Pop Gun
  • Spot Machine                                                                 Pneumatic Nut Setter
  • D.G. Set                                                                         Shower Testing
  • C.P. Compact Wrench

Tool Room:

List of Plant and Machineries used by the Tool Room Unit for its Body Building Activity and Repairing:

  • Heavy Duty Lathe                                                                 Rolling Machine
  • Shaper Machine                                                                   'U' Bolt Threading Machine
  • Radial Drill                                                                           'U' Bolt Bending Press
  • Geared Drill                                                                          Height Gauge
  • Surface Grinder                                                                    Micrometer
  • Milling Machine                                                                     Vernier
  • Planner Machine                                                                  Surface Table